Gala 19


On February 23rd, Youngstown CityScape reflected on 20 years as an organization and honored its “Original Trailblazers” with the Sweet Family “Grass Roots Award” at the 2017 Grass Roots Gala held at the Tyler Mahoning Valley History Center. The “Trailblazers” are the original visionaries responsible for creating what is now Youngstown CityScape – those whom had the fortitude and foresight to recognize that downtown Youngstown is the historical, economic and cultural core of the community and did what needed to be done to transform downtown and the surrounding gateways. Since 2010, Youngstown CityScape has recognized an individual or group who has made significant personal and professional commitment to the organization’s mission of revitalizing downtown Youngstown with the award at this annual event. Proceeds benefit the Youngstown CityScape Endowment Fund, a component fund of the Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley.